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Rachel Karlsen

    Rachel Karlsen 
    I enjoy teaching middle school students using technology tools. I mainly teach Science and Math. I have been flipping my classroom (gingerly) for a few years and using 1:1 Chromebooks. Recently, I returned to the US after teaching in Cayman Islands in the Caribbean. My passion is to teach students to be computer literate and safe online.

Nearpod: Create, Engage, and Assess.  
Explanation: With Nearpod, you can create or download interactive presentations to engage your students using any device.  Create or download engaging lessons, share presentations and control students' activities, students interact and submit responses, and assess students' performance. It's simply just a really fun, useful tech tool.


Google Search:  Basics and Beyond
Simply googling words for innovative ideas, lesson plans or research papers often brings students and educators to unhelpful websites. This session shows basic and advanced ways to use Google (and a few other search engines) to find what you need.  We will discuss and use the interactive tool Google Guide, the Wayback Machine, and Wolframalpha.

Google Search: Basics and Beyond