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Meghan Johnson

Meghan Johnson
EdTech TOSA - Camas School District
Twitter @EdArchiTech 
Instagram @EdArchiTech

Workshop- Google Forms & Add-ons Skamania Room - 10:30-11:30
This course is designed for those that have at least some experience with Google Forms.  
By using add-ons like DocAppender, Autocrat, FormMule, Flubaroo and Save as Doc, you can give super powers to your Google files. Have you ever created a Google Form and don't like reading all of the replies in the spreadsheet? Have you wanted tests to just grade themselves? Did you ever want your students to have a running record of their responses to Google Forms? Add-ons can help with all of these issues and more. We will have time to get an overview of these add-ons in action as well as in context of the classroom and in a variety of content areas. 

Workshop- From Building Walls to Building Communities Skamania Room - 12:30-1:20
Google Apps for Education makes sharing easy, which can help create learning communities anywhere! 
Start by hear about the experiences of a 5th grade teacher and a 7th grade science teacher and how they used Google Apps for education to create an online learning community with their students. They started with Google Hangouts to build community and share their vision with both classes simultaneously. Seventh grade students became experts for their 5th grade partners, applying their knowledge with an authentic audience. Fifth graders were preparing for their science fair, sharing their findings with the community, relying on their 7th grade partner for support.  Discover how the tools were used, such as Google slides, allowing 7th graders to have comment access, and Google Hangouts, allowing for classes to meet, take turns asking partners questions and could even be automatically recorded and uploaded to YouTube. Explore other opportunities for connecting your classroom to another.