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Marianne Costello

Marianne Costello

A bit about me:

I am the Library and Instructional Technology Coordinator in Edmonds School District.  I've been in this role for three years and previously was a school librarian and classroom teacher in elementary schools. 

I've been working with instructional technology for quite awhile....since the
Apple iie era..
and believe Google Apps are the greatest thing so far...can't wait to see what's next!  

I am also the incoming Washington Library Association --School Library Division (formerly known as WLMA) Chairperson.  Come learn at the WLMA Conference!

Contact me: costellom@edmonds.wednet.edu
Follow me: twitter ~ Google+

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9:15-10:15 Session:
Getting Started with Google Classroom 
is easier than you think but there are a couple of things to remember:

1.  You must have a Google Apps for Education (GAfE) account to use Google Classroom.  If your district has provided you with a google account that means you can create a classroom.

2.  You can only join Google Classrooms within your own school district's domain.  That means you can only join my classroom if you are in my school district (Edmonds).  

Because of these two rules, I will demo how to create a classroom and show you examples of teacher and student views rather than role play student/teacher. 

Then you will create your own classroom and add assignments and information.  You will benefit most by attending the class with a colleague from your own district so that you can take on the role of student and teacher as you practice using the tool.

Steps to Google Classroom:

1. Open your Chrome Browser
2. Log into your school provided Google account

10:30 - 11:30 Session:
Let's Play with Google Maps

Together we will create an interactive Google Map and develop a lesson plan that you can use with your students the first week of school.  

Self-Directed Learner or Want Extensions?  Here is a resource for you.