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Brandi Snow

Brandi has been teaching for 11 years in the Central Kitsap School District in grades 6-9.  She is National Board Certified in Early Adolescence English Language Arts. Currently, she is a Future Ready Learning Coach supporting teachers implement blended learning in their classrooms. 

Follow me on Twitter!: @Cheer4Tech
Speedgeeking Edu Tools~ 

Ready to take your classroom to the 21st-century but not sure what is out there? Then this is the session for you! This will be a fast paced session where we will look at apps, resources, and tools to engage students and make life easier for educators! Come to get a couple resources to try out, or jump into the deep end and try them all!

Be ready to share YOUR favorite geeky tool with other people in the session!!

Breakout EDU~ 

Have you heard of an Escape Room? This bring that experience into the classroom!! In this session we will beta test a Breakout game! Breakout is a game where a small group of educators will have 45 minutes to complete a series of challenges, reveal clues, and unlock mysteries in order to "win" the game. This can be used with all ages and all content areas!

Learn more at www.BreakoutEDU.com